Sustainable waste management at DNB

Arnt-Erik Hansen
Senior Consultant Facility Management

DNB has set itself big and lofty goals to help increase sustainability in society. The Compax System™ helps us well on our way.

DNB has set itself big and lofty goals to help increase sustainability in society. The Compax System™ helps us well on our way.

Arnt-Erik Hansen
Senior Consultant Facility Management

DNB, Norway's largest bank, has always strived to be at the forefront of sustainability and technology. With over 5,000 employees and a large number of visitors daily, there was an urgent need for a solution that could handle large amounts of paper towel waste in an efficient and sustainable manner. In collaboration with Sodexo, they have implemented the Compax System, a solution that links environmental responsibility with operational benefits.

The challenges

DNB's buildings in Bjørvika has a busy working environment.

Handling a large volume of waste

In the busy head office of DNB in Bjørvika, Oslo, where thousands of employees and visitors pass daily, Sodexo is responsible for maintaining a high level of hygiene. With several hundred toilet rooms spread over three complex buildings, significant amounts of paper towel waste are produced every single day. Together, this means that frequent emptying and inspection of the waste containers in the toilet rooms is required.

High consumption of plastic bags

Traditionally, the solution had been to replace waste bags frequently to manage the accumulated waste and maintain hygiene, but this approach led to a high consumption of plastic bags. This plastic consumption went against both DNB's and Sodexo's sustainability goals and represented a cost and environmental problem that both companies were eager to solve.

In addition to the environmental aspect, the manual process of changing bags meant that cleaning staff spent much of their working time on waste management rather than focusing on other important cleaning tasks.

Streamlining the cleaning work

For DNB and Sodexo, it was clear that a smarter and more efficient solution was needed to reduce both time and resources spent on waste management, and to improve the general cleaning standard . With the Compax System, they saw an opportunity to change this process and bring it in line with their shared vision for a cleaner, greener and more efficient operation.

The solution

Innovative compression

To meet the challenges of waste management in DNB's high-traffic areas, Sodexo implemented the Compax System, equipped with a patented compaction technology. This system changes how paper towel waste is handled by reducing the volume that needs to be disposed of and thus the number of required bag changes.

Optimization through sensor technology

Furthermore, the use of sensor data gives DNB and Sodexo valuable insight into the amounts of waste in real time, which enables a proactive approach to waste management. With this technology, they can easily see when and where emptying is actually required, improving internal logistics and reducing time spent on waste management.


Arnt-Erik Hansen in DNB
"DNB has set itself big and lofty goals to help increase sustainability in society. Compax System™ helps us well on our way."

Arnt-Erik Hansen, Senior Consultant Facility Managment at DNB

Great reduction in bag changes

The implementation of the Compax System at DNB gave immediate results in waste management at their head office. With 13 units in use spread over seven rooms, DNB together with Sodexo achieved a reduction of as much as 88% in the number of bag changes. In some of the toilet rooms, they went from changing the bag once a day to once a month. This convincing result led to an expansion of the system to a total of 63 units.

Reduced need for waste containers

In addition, DNB and Sodexo reduced the number of necessary waste containers by 33%. This reduction in physical equipment not only simplified the cleaning processes but also strengthened their environmental measures by significantly reducing the total plastic consumption. Less need for containers means fewer plastic bags in circulation, which directly reduces waste and operational costs.


A win-win for sustainability and efficiency

The decision to use the Compax System has proven to be a winning strategy for DNB and Sodexo, demonstrating that innovative solutions can have a profound and lasting effect on the sustainability and efficiency of business operations. The observed improvements in waste management at DNB highlight how technological advances can be translated into real business advantages and environmental gains.

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