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Compax System – the world’s smartest compactors for paper towel waste

Improve productiveness and reduce the usage of plastic bags in both small and large buildings



Paulo Ruvina

Paulo Ruvina

Section Manager

With Compax System, we can think about our cleaning processes in a completely new way.



Arnt-Erik Hansen

Arnt-Erik Hansen

Cleaning Manager

I have never seen that we have been able to reduce a factor within cleaning this drastically, and we have tested a lot of solutions.

Autonomous Compactors

Streamline your waste management with our autonomous compactor.

Easy to use

As simple to use as any bin, but with the benefit of fewer bag changes.

Integrated sensors

Outfitted with sensors, the system provides complete status for all your compactors.

Small and wall-mounted

The system consists of the world's smallest, wall-mounted waste compactors.

Cloud Connected

Mobile network ensures the system's easy, direct connection to the cloud.

Energy efficient

Less power consumption than an LED light bulb, reflecting its sustainable design.

Managing building waste?
It's a resource-demanding task.

Compax System™ eases the burden, making waste management in commercial buildings straightforward.

Optimise resources

Reduce resources related to workforce, plastic bags, and transport by lowering bag changes from waste bins

Increase sustainability

Become more sustainable by reducing the use of plastic bags and unncessary waste transport

Improve quality

Make the restrooms more comfortable and hygenic for your guests by avoiding overflowing waste bins

So far, our customers have contributed to

85 880
plastic bags reduced
1 166 kg
saved plastics
2 257
waste volume reduced
6 999 kg
less CO₂ emissions

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