Rethinking Cleaning Operations at DSS

Paulo Ruvina
Section Manager

With Compax System, we can think about our cleaning processes in a completely new way.

With Compax System, we can think about our cleaning processes in a completely new way.

Paulo Ruvina
Section Manager

The Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation (DSS) provides security, facilities, HR, and digital services to the ministries and the Prime Minister's Office. Cleaning and waste management form a crucial part of the services DSS offers to its clients.

DSS is situated in the Government Quarter and bears the overall responsibility for cleaning 185,000 square metres. With such a vast area under its purview, DSS has long been focused on identifying smart solutions to improve and simplify the cleaners' daily tasks.

Paulo Ruvina - Section manager in the cleaning and environment sector at DSS
"For several years, we've been in search of a solution that compresses paper towels in washrooms, without success. When we came across the Compax System™, we believed we had found the solution that could enhance our cleaning and waste management routines."
- Paulo Ruvina, Section Manager at DSS

The Challenge

Thinking Anew

DSS wanted to free up space on their cleaning trolleys

DSS is constantly in search of innovative solutions in cleaning and building operations. One idea was to allocate all waste management tasks to a single operator. This solution would allow more time for actual cleaning tasks.

"Removing the waste bag from the cleaning trolley allows us, for example, to utilise this free space for a battery-powered mop," explains Paulo Ruvina with enthusiasm.

Washrooms Became the challenge

What Paulo and his colleagues had not considered were the voluminous bags of paper towels that need to be replaced several times a day in each washroom.

"When we realised this, we understood that the cleaners would still need large waste bags on the trolley to dispose of the washroom waste bags," Paulo says.

Sought a Solution for Several Years

In order to put the plan of better use of the cleaning trolley to life, DSS began several years ago to search for solutions for compressing paper towels.

"We carefully watched the cleaning fairs we attended," Paulo says, remembering that he thought:

"There are compactors outdoors, so someone have to make this."

When he almost by accident discovered Compax System™, it didn't take many minutes before Paulo called Compax Solutions so DSS could test the system.

The Solution

The Smart Waste System

The Compax System™ includes paper towel compactors that reduce waste volume by up to 95%. This reduction means each bag can hold up to 15 times more waste, significantly decreasing the frequency of bag changes.

Compression Frees Up Space

As the Compax System™ regularly compacts the waste, DSS needs only to empty the containers when they are full. This efficiency allows for a reorganisation of waste management as desired.

Economical, Hygienic, and Sustainable

By minimising unnecessary bag changes in waste containers, costs related to plastic bags and waste management are reduced. Furthermore, the washrooms become more pleasant and hygienic, alongside a reduced climate footprint due to fewer plastic bags.

The Results

Increased Quality

DSS trialled the Compax System™ early on. By January 2020, they had tested an early prototype in three different washrooms. With the Compax System™ installed in these washrooms, they witnessed a reduction in bag changes of as much as 92%. These results led to DSS becoming one of the first customers to adopt the finished solution when the Compax System was launched in 2021.

"With the cleaners no longer needing to manage waste, they can use this time to further improve the quality of the cleaning, especially since they can use the trolley for equipment instead of waste," explains Paulo.

Less Stress

Although the focus is on optimising operations, for Paulo and DSS, it's not solely about time and money:

"Time is one aspect, but what cannot be quantified is that the cleaners experience less stress, their trolley becomes lighter, and generally, their daily work becomes easier," Paulo states.


A Better Everyday Life

The collaboration between DSS and Compax Solutions demonstrates that optimising operations need not come at the expense of the cleaners' daily lives; quite the contrary.

"The best proof is that the cleaners missed the Compax System after the pilot period. They were, therefore, very satisfied now that we have the solution permanently installed in the building," Paulo finishes.

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