Bag Change

Changing the bag is a simple process. Learn how to do it here.

Watch the video

Here you can watch the video, or read the written instructions below.

Written Instructions

To make sure proper function of Compax One, the bag must be properly mounted in the bag holder. Luckily, these steps are very simple and fast.

Only use Compax Original Bags

To ensure proper function of Compax One you need to only use Compax One Original Bags, which are included in your service agreement. Any use of other bags may void service and guarantee.

Mount the bag on the rear mounting bracket

Pull the bag around the corners of the bag holder

The bag needs to cover the bag holder

When mounting the bag, you need to make sure the bag is pulled down on all sides of the bag holder. If not, Compax One will not be able to compress the waste.

Make sure the bag hangs straight and does not fold up

Mount the bag on the front mounting bracket

Pull the bag down to make sure it sits properly on the brackets

Use your hand to make sure the bag is open

Open the bag

When you open the bag, Compax One is able to read the waste level and does not start compressing until its full.